Zarach and AW Hainsworth awarded Royal Warrant Holders’ Association Charity Fund

Earlier this year AW Hainsworth announced our partnership with Zarach, a Leeds-based charity dedicated to providing children in poverty with beds and nutritious meals. We are pleased to say that Zarach has now been awarded a £3000 grant from the Royal Warrant Holders’ Association after AW Hainsworth applied for them to be beneficiaries of the Association’s Charity Fund.

Zarach’s aim is to remove barriers to education and break the cycle of poverty by helping ensuring children in poverty have everything they need to succeed at school. The charity initially started with its ‘Every Head a Bed Scheme’ and has since expanded to running foodbanks and holiday meal clubs, providing hygiene products and starting a second-hand uniform drive. Zarach’s vital work is making a significant difference to the lives of children across the Leeds area, and they are partnered with over 200 schools across the region.

The Royal Warrant Holders’ Association Charity Fund is an initiative that provides monetary donations to local charities in which Warrant-holding companies are involved. The scheme has donated over £350,000 since 2014. As Royal Warrant Holders, we at AW Hainsworth recognised that we had a perfect opportunity to nominate Zarach for additional funding, to help ensure they can continue to deliver hope to children in our local community.

Amanda, Casey and Jane stood holding the Zarach Dream Maker certificate

We applied for the £3000 grant to specifically fund Zarach’s School Uniform Project, a drive to provide school uniforms to 100 children in Leeds for the 2022-2023 school year. The initiative will see requests for new school uniforms submitted to Zarach, who then purchase the uniforms on the parents’ behalf. The School Uniform Project aims to reduce the financial burden on families who are struggling, giving children a smart new uniform they can be proud to wear to school, and will introduce more second-hand school uniforms into circulation to save money and lengthen the lifespan of the garments.

As a condition of Zarach receiving the grant from the Royal Warrant Holders’ Association, AW Hainsworth will also be matching the pledge with a £3000 donation to the charity of our own. This is through our annual donations we make to Zarach as part of our Dream Maker status, which cover the cost of a Bed Bundle (valued at £150 per month) every month.

In addition to these monetary donations, AW Hainsworth have also been holding a Pyjama Drive among our colleagues to collect and purchase new items, including bedding and toiletries, to be included in Zarach’s Bed Bundles. So far we have collected a wide range of items for Zarach including 6 duvets, 8 toothbrushes, 8 bedding sets and 30 pairs of pyjamas!

We at AW Hainsworth express our most sincere gratitude to the Royal Warrant Holders’ Association for their donation to Zarach, and to our colleagues for their constant kindness and generosity.

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