Why work at AW Hainsworth?

When you’re part of the AW Hainsworth team, you’re part of a historic family. We support and develop each other to ensure that the business continues for at least another 230 years and to make a positive imprint for the future.

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What we as employees are expected to give.

  1. Having checked it’s safe to do so, we get cracking!
  2. Everything we do, we do to delight our customers
  3. We create product that’s world class
  4. Everyone here makes every working minute count
  5. As a team we decide what’s needed to get each job done right-first-time
  6. We openly share information and knowledge, value learning and grow everyone’s skills
  7. Everyone mucks in, no one creates work for others
  8. We’re all responsible leaders in our own area, showing pride in the job
  9. Everyone keeps things well organised and tidy

We all contribute ideas for improvement, all of the time.

What we can expect to receive from AW Hainsworth.

  1. A safe work environment, concern for our wellbeing and help to stay fit and healthy
  2. Visible leadership that makes clear what’s expected and supports us to get the job done well
  3. To be respected and treated as individuals, applying consistent standards to everyone
  4. To be asked for our views, listened to and to receive a response
  5. Fair and stable levels of pay that reflect individuals skills and contribution
  6. Proper training that develops our skills, makes us better team players and prepares us for the future
  7. Timely information about the jobs coming our way…
  8. … and regular, transparent and honest communications about the company and our performance
  9. Thanks, praise and recognition when we get things right… listened to, helped and encouraged to learn when things go wrong

If this sounds like the environment for you and you would like to join our family you can view our current vacancies here.

Meet the Team

We asked some of our brilliant team to be interviewed about their job role, and recorded a mix of entertaining, thoughtful and touching responses. This is the first video in the series:

James, Maintenance Engineer

James is part of the team who are responsible for keeping our mill running and the production of our cloth flowing. This includes repairing and maintaining machinery, fixing issues with electric, gas and water around the building, improving the health and safety of the site and general mill upkeep.

Alfie, Printing & Dyeing Apprentice

Alfie works in our Printing team, who create high impact printed pool cloths for bar and pubs, corporate spaces, sports facilities and private homes. Our printing process is completely unique to us – the print is transferred to the cloth through dischargeable dye – a technique which Alfie has mastered during his apprenticeship.

Sharon and Lakhbinder, Conversion

Sharon and Lakhbinder are an integral part of our Conversion department. Our Conversion team completes the final steps to transform our fabrics into completed products. Lakhbinder is responsible for cutting our blankets to size and sewing on silk or satin binding – the vital finishing touches that ensure they’re ready for the shelves of premium stores such as John Lewis and Harrods. Sharon’s role is to build our famous biodegradable coffins from scratch, carrying out every stage from assembling the cardboard inner structure to sewing handles onto the woollen cover.

Hannah, Senior Marketing Executive

Hannah is part of the group Marketing Team, looking after all the brands under the AW Hainsworth banner. She is responsible for content creation, event organisation, social media, printed media, brand management, and more. The role is varied and moves fast, as the Marketing Team looks after 6 mini companies under one roof. Hainsworth relies on both production and office-based staff to keep moving forward, and Hannah plays an important part in this.