The Fabric of a Nation

Many of the famous images that have been used across the world to celebrate Great Britain are made unforgettable through the use of Hainsworth cloth including the Striking Scarlet of the Royal Guards, the ceremonial uniforms worn by the Royal Family during state occasions and the military uniforms worn during the Charge of the Light Brigade. The distinctive Hainsworth finish is coveted by mills globally, yet no one can match our quality, structure, sheen or feel. Our attention to detail is pure passion and craftsmanship born of the Hainsworth heritage. Our skill, down to how many brush strokes each piece receives to achieve the striking Hainsworth finish, to the number of cuts for the perfect length of the nap, is second to none, this is what makes our fabrics stand out from the crowd.

Our fabric is proudly on show all over the world in ceremonial and parade garments at the highest profile international Royal and full-dress state occasions, military shows, passing-out parades, and operatic, theatrical, film and re-enactment performances. Hainsworth fabrics are specified by Royal households, civil and military tailors, leading international fashion houses, re-enactment societies and major TV, theatre and film companies.

Apparel Fabrics


The collaboration of Hainsworth’s heritage and the world of premium apparel ensures beautifully structured garments that make a lasting impression, with a quality that never fades and appearance that never dulls. The stunning and true colour palette offered cloth by Hainsworth is utilised by designers and tailors crafting not only garments, but statements. Some statements are classic, refined and born of a quiet confidence. The pure luxury of Hainsworth cloth and the beautifully lustrous drape that accentuates the contours of the body, combined with pristine tailoring specified by the garment designer ensure truly classic timeless pieces.

Wherever there is a need for the ultimate in refinement and quality, for military, academic or costume cloth, Hainsworth fabric is there.

Hainsworth Apparel Fabrics include the scarlet and dark blue cloths worn by the Household Division for Trooping the Colour and also the Queen’s Guard outside Buckingham Palace. The wide selection of plain and twill weave woollen fabrics have been used for regimental uniforms and parade wear since the Napoleonic era.

This is possible due to the marriage of traditional values, modern production techniques and knowledge passed down through seven generations, placing Hainsworth at the forefront of the quality apparel marketplace. View our apparel fabrics.

Costume Fabrics


Authentic costume reproduction requires fabrics to be manufactured to the finest accuracy and detail. Hainsworth can take any historic woollen or worsted textile and, using our in-house experts in the Textile Innovation Centre, can analyse the fabric for its component parts and advise on the manufacture of an exact replica. Our colour matching is legendary.

Hainsworth supply cloth to Film & TV companies, Opera Houses and leading theatres worldwide.Selected for their quality, colour and authenticity our fabrics are used in costume design from traditional to modern and have been used in many recent films including Harry Potter, the Dark Knight and the musical Oliver. We also offer a range of re-enactment fabrics for various historical periods including Roman, Medieval, Napoleonic, Civil Wars and World War II (see the Re-enactment Fabrics link on the left). Please select from the list below to explore the full range.

Hainsworth offer a range of re-enactment fabrics for various historical periods including Roman, Medieval, Napoleonic, Civil Wars and World War II. Hainsworth supplied George Washington’s buff that is now on display in the Washington museum, cloth to make an exact replica of General Stonewell Jackson’s uniform, which is now on exhibit in the Stonewell Jackson museum, and uniforms on show at Madame Tussaudes. Our extensive archives have been utilised in the production of our present range to supply cloth to re-enactment groups from around the world. Please select from the list below to explore the full range. View our costume fabrics.

Academic Fabrics

In universities, schools and colleges the smartest minds have been dressed in our market-leading blazer fabric and academic scarf cloth for generations. Blazers and scarves are a symbol of community and prestige, so Hainsworth ensures they are woven and finished to perfection delivering both a practical style and functional elegance. As a result, our cloth is sought after by educational institutions all over the world.

Hainsworth manufacture the top quality lightweight all wool cloth used for University and School wrap scarves, like those worn at Cambridge. Hainsworth can weave the wool to any specification and colour match to your specific requirements. Please select from the list below to explore the full range. View our academic fabrics.

Interior Fabrics


Hainsworth manufacture a beautiful collection of high quality woven woollen fabrics for a number of large interior fabric houses throughout the world.  We work closely with these companies to create the most luxurious collections using the finest blends of wool.  With our experience and through our innovation centre we can engineer and enhance the natural characteristics of wool to ensure we create collections that perform beautifully for the end use, whether that is curtains, upholstery or walling. Hainsworth have also been awarded the prestigious Royal Warrant for supplying furnishing fabrics to Windsor Castle.

All of our interior fabrics are manufactured at the Hainsworth mill in West Yorkshire from raw wool to finished cloth, ensuring we maintain complete control of every stage of the process.  Hainsworth are proud to manufacture woollen fabrics.  Wool is a natural, renewable fibre which is biodegradable with many natural attributes and has flame retardant characteristics.  Wool is nature’s performance fibre and to date there is no substitute for this natural, lightweight, hardwearing fabric. View our interior fabrics.

Uniform Fabrics


Hainsworth have over 200 years of expertise in military textiles supplying the highest quality uniform cloths for armies at home and abroad. Our uniform cloths went to Trafalgar, the Battle of Waterloo, the Crimea, South Africa in the Boer War and the two World Wars.

With experience and expertise second to none we pride ourselves in producing fabrics manufactured in the traditional way. Today Hainsworth supply traditional woollen and worsted cloths to many of the world’s leading military tailors. Please select from the list below to explore the full range.

Hainsworth ceremonial fabric is on show at some of the highest profile state occasions and is choice of the most demanding civilian and military tailors. Our wide range of wool fabrics includes meltons, doeskins, superfines, cap cloth and ceremonial worsteds. In addition to supplying fabrics, Hainsworth works with you to develop, test and refine the specification to your exacting requirements. View our uniform fabrics.