Selby College Waterloo Project – countdown to the catwalk!

There was a real buzz of excitement in the air when we visited Selby College earlier this week to see how the Year 2 fashion students were coming along with their Battle of Waterloo project.

The last time we saw the girls they left our mill with armfuls of fabric, but walking into the classroom we were delighted to see some beautiful garments taking shape. There were structured evening gowns, military inspired jackets and tailored woollen trousers, the girls had really brought the Hainsworth fabrics to life and the level of skill was very impressive.

We chatted to the group to try and find out how they found working with our cloth and the unanimous vote was that they loved it! They said the fabrics gave great shape and especially the doeskins had a gorgeous sheen. They also loved the way they edges could be left raw and they didn’t have to line their garments in most cases. However, there were a few broken needles when trying to sew some of the heavier fabrics!

Selby College Fashion Students

As we went around the room chatting about each individual project we were impressed with the level of detail that some of the girls had included in their garments, from simple clean and precise lines to adding details such as bows, military style embellishment and even burning the edges of the fabrics to achieve an authentic ‘Battle of Waterloo’ finish!

Attention to detail

Some interesting techniques

With only 7 weeks left until the final fashion show, there’s lots of work still to do for the girls to complete their Waterloo garments as well as the rest of their final projects but we think they will put on a fantastic show and we be buying our tickets as soon as they are released!

Selby College Fashion Show will be at Selby Abbey on Thursday 18th June. Tickets will be available next month from Selby College main reception at Abbot’s Road and on the door on the night.