At AW Hainsworth sustainability is managed in a wide variety of ways. Activities aim to support the communities in which the company operates, while satisfying the necessities and ensuring that customers receive only the best products and services. Hainsworth believe that acting responsibly with regard to sustainability strengthens the company, encourages growth and is the base for Hainsworth remaining a successful independent family business for generations to come.

The company’s diverse approach to sustainability not only covers the more obvious environmental issues, but has a large focus on people and communities. Education and opportunity combined with a work life balance opens the doors to individuals finding their own path to achieving sustainability.

2023 Sustainability Report

The 2023 Sustainability Report follows on from the 2022 report, and includes details of progress on some of the key projects we have previously committed to, as well as taking on some new challenges in our journey towards sustainability. By closely monitoring our supply chains, investing in our people, and continuously improving our facilities and practices, we can continue to pave the way for a more sustainable future for our company and the industry as a whole.​

the front cover of the AW Hainsworth Sustainability Report for 2022

2022 Sustainability Report

The 2022 Sustainability Report covers three main areas; our commitment to the environment, our community and our employees. Key projects for this year include reduction in energy, emissions and water, our partnerships with educational institutions, investment in affordable living and communal spaces and our extensive work on employee health and well-being.

2021 Sustainability Update

The 2021 Sustainability Update builds upon the 2020 Report, providing an update on the projects that were able to go ahead in 2020. You will see in this brochure that even in the exceptional year that was 2020, Hainsworth continued to develop their approach to sustainability, implementing and maintaining activities that focus long-term on commitment to the environment, employees and the communities within which they work.

2020 Sustainability Report

The 2020 Sustainability Report was produced to provide an in-depth understanding of the work which Hainsworth undertook in 2019, including beliefs and motivations and also inspiration for the way in which others can contribute towards sustainability.